Akos Garai
Budapest — Hungary
Ákos Garai is a sound artist and recordist from Hungary. His music is primarily characterized by a set of subtle manipulation of recorded or processed soundscapes. His works to date has been greatly influenced by nature & environment where sound events always happen according to a specific order. These “micro-moving-structures” of the starting points for his works. Garai’s music has been released by labels like trente oiseaux, mAtter, Gruenrekorder, White Line Editions and 3LEAVES. 3LEAVES is his own label where he design and manage field recording releases both physical and digital formats.
Description of work with field recording
Recordings for this composition was made by a special ORTF recording technique. The microphone used here was placed into a blimp then attached to a backpack which was throughout hand-held. With this technique, position of the mic was feet near so I was able to catch most characteristic close-to-the-ground sounds for the project. Because I did not wanted to apply artificial monitoring while recording, I did not use a headphones. This composition is about to present subway atmosphere of the city where 40 years old vehicle wrecks carries the passengers on three subway lines. Compositional processes along with external sound samples helps to give something back from the depressingly run-down abstract dark underworld of the subway system in Budapest. Recorded, composed, mixed and mastered by Ákos Garai 02/2012 Recording technique: ORTF, hand-held, without monitoring Recorder: Edirol R-44 Microphone: Superlux S502 Cable: Mogami 2549
Listen to Akos Garai - Subway Budapest