Ákos Nagy
Budapest XII. kerület — Hungary
Ákos Nagy was born in 1982, Dunaújváros. He commenced his studies in Móricz Zsigmond Ének- Zenei Általános Iskola (Primary School of Music), then attended Széchenyi István Gimnázium (Széchenyi Isván Secondary School). He graduated from Rosti Pál Secondary School. He took lessons in the violin from Árpád Petky at Sándor Frigyes Secondary School, which he quit 4 after years. He continued his musical studies untutored. He moved to Budapest in 2000. He gave private lessons in counterpoint and music theory and also prepared aspirants for the University of Theater and Film. He examined Gothic and late Renaissance music, traces of which show up in his later music along with elements of Transsylvanian, Indian, Khmer, Balinese and Japenese classical culture. He turns towards exploring new forms and structures, filling them up with his characteristic take on melody. His music juxtaposes solid blocks of sound that keep reprising accumulatively – a method he branded ’layering technique’. In his pieces, he shows a penchent for mathematical series, textures arranged after priciples of variation which are substantiated with polyrhythmic, polytempoed, polymetric patterns of melody and rhythm. Since the years 2000, he regularly publishes articles, recensions, and other musically themed publications in various music weeklies and magazines. In 2009, he brings to life - along with four partners – a workshop for the propagation of contemporary music by the name SZIMNIA (Szimmetrikus Zenei és Írásos Műveket Népszerűsítő és Ismertető Alapítvány - Foundation for Introducing and Popularising Symmetrical Works of Music and Literature), where he also carries the role of art director and program organizer. Since May 2009. he is the editor of contemporary music program ’Karnevál’ on Civil Radio. His music has been performed on numerous occasions in Budapest and several other cities in Hungary. NO WAVE - "Meeting Point-Counterpoint" CD release program Tilos Radio "No Wave" --> "Találkozási pont - Ellenpont / Meeting Point - Counterpoint" CD album release radio program. A night with the artists and the members of Dióbél Records (Dióbél Kiadó), Pécs, Hungary. Listen to the program here:…=4&sel=2012-4-29 Further info about the limited edition contemporary Hungarian experimental music CD anthology: * "No Wave" radio program - on every Sunday evening from 10 pm to 12 pm since April, 1992:
Description of work with field recording
Listen to Ákos Nagy - Veiled wince by Orsolya Kaczander, István Matuz, Márk Fülep, Gergely Matuz