André Xina
Lisbon — Portugal
Born in Lisbon ,André “Xina” lived for seven years in Macau ( China ). Graduated in Marketing and Advertising , he also studied Postproduction Audiovisual and is currently attending a Masters in Anthropology at FCSH in Lisbon. His research project is focused around the conflict between neighbors in suburban neighborhoods as reflections of the urban soundscape , and the relationships that individuals develop with sound in urban centers. In 2010 he conducted a three months research in West Africa, where he captured the acoustic spaces of certain parts of Senegal and Mali, with the aim of collecting the sound heritage of different locations , from Dakar to Timbuktu. In music he founded Imidiwan, XAFU and Sharawadji.
Description of work with field recording
My field recordings mainly are based in the Sharawadji effect , using Jean-François Augoyard and Henry Torgue words the Sharawadji effect "is an aesthetic effect which characterises the sensation of plenitude sometimes created by the contemplation of a complex soundscape whose beauty is unexplainable. " I call this project Sontato ( sound with tact ). In terms of sound heritage i made Field Recordings between Dakar ( Senegal ) and Timbuctu ( Mali ) during three month research. Sontato experiences made in Belo Horizonte ( Brazil ) , Recife ( Brazil ) and Lisbon ( Portugal ).