Attila Faravelli
Milano — Italy
I'm an electro-acoustic composer and performer. My main focus is about how sounds get reflexed, diffused and localized. When playing live I send sounds from a computer (Max/Msp) to some custom speakers specifically modified and conceived to excite the space's specific acoustics. I also use some objects, mainly chosen for their shape, acting as passive sound transformers. I play solo (my music is released on Die Schachtel), with Andrea Belfi in the duo Tumble (Die Schachtel), with Nicola Ratti (Boring Machines) and with Nicola Martini (Presto?! records).
Description of work with field recording
I record many sounds, everywhere, that I later send to modified speakers where they get passively, not so much electronically, transformed. I'm mainly interested in Pressure Zone microphonic techniques, a simple yet effective way to get the sonic imprints by places and materials. Being sound a mixture of motion and pressure, in the exact moment when a sound encounters a physical obstacle and gets reflexed, motion goes down to a minimum and pressure (sound level) reaches its maximum. Placing an omnidirectional microphone on a surface (be it a tree, a building, a corner, on the ground) produces a coherent sum of direct and reflected sound. As objects reflect sounds depending on their shape, size, mass, smoothness or roughness, the mic captures both the 'clean' sound and the specific acoustic imprint of the many objects in and constituting the field.