Aurélie Lierman
Brussels — Belgium
Aurélie Lierman - ( BE/RW) °1980) - is a composer, a radio maker and a vocalist from Brussels. Exploring the power of texture, sound and unusual instrumentation. She loves applying all of this in a minimal context, adding very often theatrical or cinematic elements to the performance practice of her compositions.

Lately she's trying new directions by fusing the art of radio and composition into something she would call: "Afrique -concrète". Aurélie Lierman travelled several times throughout Africa in an attempt to capture the soundscape of modern rural and urban Africa. Her ongoing project AFRICA ON TAPE is a growing database of the field recordings collected on those epic trips. At the same time a source of inspiration for new compositions, performances and installations.
Description of work with field recording
build up like a dream sequence “iota mikro” invites us into an intimate and introspective journey by evoking imaginary memories from Aurélie Lierman’s very early childhood years. “iota mikro” is an artistic reflection on Aurélie’s double identity, Belgian and Rwandan, revealing her experiences of the two different realities. All sounds heard are purely based on recent field recordings from Aurélie Lierman's birthplace at the Karisimbi volcano in Rwanda. Since her real paper birth certificate is missing, this is Aurélie Lierman’s sonic birth certificate.
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