Becky Grajeda
Chicago — United States
Becky Grajeda is a sound artist based in Chicago. Grajeda is interested in field recording, sound assemblage and multi-channel installation; of particular interest are the sounds of machinations, moving bodies, and vocal inflection and intonation in speech. Recently she has drawn structural inspiration for her sound assemblages and installations from the collage work of Czech visual poet Jiři Kolář. In improvisatory performances with Eddie Breitweiser she explores the sonic tactility of amplified surfaces by tap dancing on a wooden platform amplified with contact microphones. She recently co-curated a collaborative exhibition and performance between artists in Chicago and Prague.
Description of work with field recording
Grajeda records sounds of everyday life, some of which she uses in sound installations. In these works, her aim is to present these sounds in new sonic environments. At times the sounds from the source recording is barely audible among the live sounds in the space.