Sibiu — Romania
Started in 2007 as a sub-project of the main ABBILDUNG soundscapes project, C.fieldechoes is centered on the fileldrecordings and the study and implementation of the "transiental soundscapes" concept. A concept conceived by C. that took form during his independent study of sound and abstract music. C.fieldechoes studies the sound around us and its perception, two complementary aspects that when taken holistically they form the so called "frames of life". C.fieldechoes is an experiment studying whether a "frame of life" has a special quality that (with minimum processing) can be projected to a "transiental" state (it has a "sensitivity of ephemera") - transcending time and spaces. The sound study is around those precious moments most "transient"-able. The photography part came naturally to enhance and eventually to fulfill the aesthetic expression by Casian & Luiza Stefan presented at - soundscapes and photography.
Description of work with field recording
The transiental soundscape of a festive event.
Listen to C.fieldechoes-SampleTransiental