Edu Comelles
Valencia — Spain
Graduated in Fine Arts, Edu Comelles works on sound composition since 2006. His works have been published by various netlabels. Comelles is also de curator of Audiotalaia Netlabel and he’s involved in different collective and individual projects involving sound composition and installations. His work tries to investigate the relationships established between sound and location. Now a days he lives and works in Valencia, Spain where he’s developing a PHd on sound art.
Description of work with field recording
My work with field recordings focuses on issues regarding sound and location. As a composer I tend to build compositions with non processed field recordings. My work refers directly to the place where they have been recorded not hiding at all their source. My latest work on that field is Orange Country, released at Impulsive Habitat Netlabel. This is a gathering of recordings and soundscape compositions based in Valencia, where I live. The album refers to the country itself in terms of natural environment, tradition, language, culture and politics. I'm also an enthusiast recorder of events and sonic situations specially recording fests, traditions, music and all those sonic elements that conform a social identity and cultural background of a concrete place.
Listen to 01. Port De Silla