Fabio Mina
Rimini — Italy
FABIO MINA Born in Rimini in 1984 he started to play flute when he was young, he took the flute graduation in 2004 and since 2000 he has devoted himself to composition. During the conservatory years he began the experience with the improvisation at first in a jazz context and in second period in a musical landscape without borders. He studied North-Indian traditional music, Japanese and Persian music and in 2002 began to practice bansuri (the Indian bamboo flute), dizi, xiao (two different kinds of chinese bamboo flutes), duduk (Armenian oboe made of apricot wood), ney (the traditional Middle Eastern flute), fujara (a big overtone flute from Slovak), Khaen (a mouth organ from Laos and Thailand) and some other wind instruments. He’s very interested in ancient music, Gregorian chant and sacred old music mostly in the Sufi's and Hildegard von Bingen's repertoire. Since 2007 he has started to collaborate with Markus Stockhausen, playing with him in several festivals in Italy and Germany. Stockhause produced also his first album "Vìreo" recorded by Walter Quintus and released by the the German label Aktivraum. Furthermore he collaborated with Kudsi Erguner, Fabrizio Ottaviucci, Enzo Pietropaoli, Tara Bouman, Dinesh Mishra, Luigi Ceccarelli and Cristiano De Andrè. At the moment working on a solo project and an other one with Stockhausen; in both of them the element of the "pure" sound of the wind instruments interacts with the live electronics and the use of samplers and field recordings In his work as musician he wants to deepen the links between music and its spiritual roots.
Description of work with field recording
For me, in my music, field recording is like adding a n other instrument,is not only a background I can interact with it, improvise with it and mostly is a great inspiration source. I like to record and use some details of the sounds, part of them, they surround us but we have to stop and be silent to hear them completely
Listen to a dream of different kind of water