Fabrizio Rota
Torino — Italy
I'm interested in every sound phenomena and their possibilities. I conceive communication as vibrational process. I love to compose for theatre, dance, and cinema with electroacoustic and/or acoustic instruments. I have passion for improvisation, for the movement of the body and for every practice demanding inner and outer dynamics. My work in the field of sound design, field recording and electroacoustic music is the result of the intuition that every phenomena could be perceived and, to a certain extent, unveiled as vibration. That's why I started studying what vibration was. Nowadays I share my life between Belgium and italian Alps. I worked with: John Tilbury, Tristan Honsinger, MIMEO (Music in movement electronic orchestra), Lawrence « Butch » Morris, Massimo Simonini, Michel Doneda, Zahava Seewald, Le Quan Nin, Katsura Yamauchi, Thomas Lehn... and with different choreographers and dancers....
Description of work with field recording
• We can think that Fuori Luogo is a fluctuation between abstract datas of language and sensible concrete perceptions. • We need an 'out of focus' sight in order to see the in-between (zwischenreich). • Between the map and the territory there is my body. Fuori Luogo is a project about soundscape, about the way we can capture, record it and about its re-presentation in a musical form. A course that "shifts" the recorded sounds in order to present them in a different place and a different time as aural spaces. In my conception aural space is a situation that starts a bi-polar listening attitude. One pole is the sensual abandoning to the aural image (as anecdotal); the other is the creation of a place, a space which could go towards the extreme sensation of "abstraction where we were just touching earth" (Yves Bonnefoy). These two perceptive situations balance themselves along what I define a promenade.
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