Florian Hartlieb
Bochum — Germany
Florian Hartlieb (* 1982) is a german composer and multimedia artist, based in Vienna/Austria and Bochum/Germany. He studied composition with Thomas Neuhaus at the ICEM of the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Germany and Karlheinz Essl at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, where he currently is a PhD-Researcher. Hartlieb is holding a diploma in electronic composition from the Folkwang University. He had a sholarship for excellence from the Folkwang University and was awarded with the first prize at the international composition competition Jeu de Temps/Times Play (JTTP 2009). His works has been played in Europe, Asia, South- and North-America.
Description of work with field recording
In march 2011 I started the project Monday Sounds: With Monday Sounds, I want to put the audible world in the front of the perception. Each monday, I’m uploading one special sound from the “real-world”, that I recorded. Therefore I\'m using a Zoom H-2. I’m searching for sonic snippets, that seem worth listening to. The sounds are free to download in in the week of their appearance! In my compositional work, I work a lot with transformed field recordings to create surreal sound worlds. Therefore I use digital Signal Processing Software such as Csound or Max/MSP.