Gregory Delabelle
Brussels — Belgium
NORDLYS is a side project from Cherub Catkin, and bandmember from VLTG. On 1st May 2009 the INSOMNIA album can be bought in MP3 format. In this album you will find wide open beautifull space, voices that I hear, drones, water and metal convolusions and electronic emotions on one side and intens hard beat sometimes core tracks. Feeld recordings are a must and treated afterwards.
Description of work with field recording
This is a kind of statement, which I usually do verbally, so that my mind can wake up other ones. The primmer basic in life understands things the way they are. It is not always easy to cope with others religion, and this is met in a broth way. Everything you hear is sound. Everything what you think you hear is sound. Everything what you do not hear is sound. So what is sound? Sound is a power- non-religious - which floats in and between the molecules of space. Sound is billions of vibrations; sucks you in, throws you out and goes right true you. Neither silence nor chaos diverse from my taste of music. This language is at this moment not on his full potential. So this is where all my spare time goes! Time is our only enemy and we will fight it as long as we have reached our time. Second dimension consciousness will be a fact soon, till people realise of their abilities, other than work, household jobs, sports etc., of what they have forgot in time. The ability of seeing and hearing things that we have never seen before, the ability of doing things we never done before. Everybody has got the control over himself, so do not let you pushed away from any bad vibrations. People change, so you have noticed, and the ego begins to have more personality. In some matter it seems to be a very interesting subject, because it is they who create the new vibes in time and not the barking dogs who tell you things must be done. Silence is sometimes the breeding-place of creations beyond our imagination. But then chaos is an eruption of physical creation. That leaves us 'creations beyond the imagination', not? Music is a good tool to wake up those abilities, the masters of today have exploited those abilities in the early days, to become what they are today (Knuckles, Craig, Mills, Slater and overseas masters like Kraftwerk, Pierre Henry, Pink Floyd, front 242etc.) People say there is nothing more to create, but does nature stops after giving birth to new specie? I do not think so. There will always be something lurking behind the corner, and just wait until you have found that way to let it come into your mind. You see that is just the cue in this whole misconception of our brain. You are someone and not something. New humanist behaviour will give his colour to future problems. Communication will be hot time, food will be reduced to small proportions, enough to live a normal life (hope I can jam on Mars one time). What drives us to make music? The unknown? You never know what you come up with, but then you do know what you're creating. Simply a question of experience I think. But it is as a matter of fact that the 'unknown' is just so dangerous to give things up too soon. I make so I create! I make what I want so that I can obtain action or reaction. Both goals are good, they are each other's complement. If you create action you obtain reaction and vice versa. Maybe that is the reason why I make music? Always look further, if you have lost loads of SoundBits, it could be an indirect sign not to use those bites, no? Do not stand still; row further on the waves of oscillations. Times of musical solitude and misunderstanding are looking forward, do not get trapped by demands of compositions that you would never make. It will kill you softly beginning with the inside. Be your own, be original, be one with yourself. As music is relative sound floating every where you go, soon there will be a minority who will ask questions that you only can answer. People come to each other and that is a fact. Do not be afraid to ask something you do not know, they were not born as an Einstein, you know. They too had to learn everything, starting from zip. Ok, final phrase, repeat after me: Everything can!
Listen to 09 NORDLYS - Full Moon At Plachettes