Ici-Même [Gr.]
Grenoble — France
Founded in 1993, Ici-Même [Gr.] is a variable collective gathering 3 to 30 people according to projects, between different practices (choreography, performance, cinema & video, sound & radio art, field sociology, writing, architecture...). The research of Ici-Même is pursued through a horizontal vision of the City, including its fluxes of information, its fluxes of activity and people, its geography and climate, wasted and folded spaces, seasons and topical interests.
Description of work with field recording
The research of Ici-Même includes an approach of the urban sonic environment and acts upon our perception of the everyday life. For about 10 years, Ici-Même has been practicing 'City Sounds Concerts' - Blind walks composed with the sounds of a given place - and created many site-specific and site-related works using sound installations or radio broadcasts to be listen to from the public space…