Jez riley French
Beverley — United Kingdom
‘I am fascinated and passionate about the infinite detail and expanding vistas of life around us, its sights and sounds, often overlooked or hidden. My creative output focuses on this never ending, joyous exploration via intuitive composition, conventional & extended field recording techniques, photography & photographic scores. The music / sound I create has evolved from improvisation to what I prefer to term 'intuitive composition' and has increasingly involved elements such as a love of audible silence & stillness & the empathy of compositional lines. These evolved from my need to always remain open to my emotive, intuitive response to situations & environments’ - JrF Using intuitive composition, field recording, improvisation and photography, Jez riley French has been exploring his enjoyment of detail, simplicity and his emotive response to places and situations for the past 3 decades. Alongside solo performances and exhibitions he collaborates with other artists, runs the ‘in place’ & 'a quiet position' projects on field recording – a subject on which he also lectures & tutors in workshops, organizes the ‘seeds & bridges’ event series, runs the ‘engraved glass’ label & published a free monthly pdf arts magazine 'tristesse engraved'. In recent years Jez has been working extensively on recordings of surfaces and architectural spaces, some results of which make up the ‘ silence’ edition and has also been developing the concept of photographic scores.
Description of work with field recording
selected work: 'weaves / audible silence 2' (cd 2011) 'residences / resonances' (cd 2011) 'scores for listening' (publication 2011) 'residences di topolo' (performance, italy 2011) 'resonances mullae' (installation, korea 2011) 'residences de lumiere' (installation, uk 2011) 'four objects' (cd 2011) 'instamatic 8 - portugal' (cd 2010) 'sonata for clarinet & nodar' (cd 2010) 'score for paiva river' (installation 2011) 'the bright work' (cd 2009) 'audible silence' (cd 2008)
Listen to ants eating apricot