Juanjo Palacios
Gijón — Spain
Sound artistr, Juanjo Palacios is a founding member of the Xizidium group and author of the blog La escucha atenta, dedicated to the phonography… In its sound projects, the digital precision merge with the acoustics of the sounds around us, creating imaginary soundscapes. First was Blezna-Arbole, a work dedicated to the Asturian native trees and composed from field recordings made in forests. Then came Borde litoral, an audio tour around the coastline of Asturias where the recordings were not altered by any kind of processing. And recently Portuario, a work of composition from field recordings made in the port of Gijon: Musel. He has taught workshops sound creation and phonography, designed sound environments, and performed live at various festivals and art spaces.
Description of work with field recording
He is currently working on several phonography projects. Selected work: Senda Sonora (, LABsocial_Club ( , mapaSONORU (, Latent Field (,RECitinerante (, La Escucha Atenta (
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