Karolin Killig
Essen — Germany
study: - "media technologies" at the university of applied sciences Mittweida, Germany - "sound" at the university for film and television Potsdam, Germany work: - sound design, sound recording and sound editing (dialogue and foley editing) for film and television - ambiance sound design - sound design for theatre - video projection design for theatre - sound pedagogy projects (e.g. the city rings) - various radio plays - sound and video engineering music: - vocalist - songwriting
Description of work with field recording
- series of field recordings, like series of the first sounds that where heard in the morning after awakening - use of sounds of our day by day environment as a emotional enhancer - create stories, "pictures" of ideas via field recording compositions - field recording as the never ending source for sound design for other media (theatre/film) sound is around us every day. we can not escape. it's always there. we can not close our ears. but we can learn to listen. and we can listen to very tiny sound in a very loud environment. and sometimes it's exactly this sound, that leads to an emotional impact, a response from our body, our head or body. and often we don't even recognize the sound that causes these reactions. field recording is like a hunt for the material for such immediate sound-body-response-systems. it is also the action itself, to stand somewhere and carefully listen to all the sounds around us. to be aware of the sources, of the actions that caused the sound and as the other way of listening; to forget all this knowledge and try to figure out what this ambiance sound do to me, does it make me happy, feel lonely, even afraid? that is the beauty of environmental sound. understanding its ways of impact on us, and learning how to use it intensionally for our own artistic and creative output, in theatre, film or other arts and in the end for developping our own environment.