Luciano Maggiore
Bologna — Italy
Luciano Maggiore (1980, Palermo, Italy) lives and works in Bologna. His music is strongly related to the use of magnetic tapes and analog synthesizer as well as of various kinds of electrical devices. Beauty, contemplation, relationship between sound and architecture, acoustic illusions, improvisation, continuum, concrete and electroacoustic music are the pivotal points of his practice. He is one of the founders of Sant'Andrea degli amplificatori. His works have been released by Incudine Records, Palustre, Radical Matters and Boring Machines.
Description of work with field recording
I use field recording in different ways but, most of the times, I look for mimetic qualities, in terms of both structures and timbres, in the sound sources I record. I would like to confuse as much as possible the sound produced in studio with the one recorded in non-controlled environments.