Marc Namblard
Épinal — France
Marc Namblard was born in Paris in 1973. He grew up in the Loiret and spent his vacations in the Cévennes, calong with his brother Olivier and his parents. There he becomes sensible to nature, later he will discover the activity of nature adviser and environment educator. He graduates from the art school of Épinal in 2000 and sound takes more and more importance in his personal work.
Description of work with field recording
Since around 2000, he works as a Nature adviser, an audionaturalist and a sound artist all in freelance. His work is very much marked by these different approaches: naturalist and musical, rational or intuitive… Focusing animal or geophonic sounds. His publications includes "Chants of frozen lakes" on Kalerne ; "Lorraine, ombres & lumières" on Nashvert and "Gisements(1)" on Kaon.