Martha Riva Palacio
Mexico City — Mexico
Born in 1975 in Mexico City. She studied a BA in Psychology and a MBA in Visual Arts. Self-taught sound artist, her projects are born from an interdisciplinary perspective. Her soundscapes had been selected for the 5th FKL Symposium in Italy, the 2011 WFAE International Conference in Greece, The Border Project exhibition at the University of Arizona Museum of Art and the Soundasaurus festival in Canada among others.
Description of work with field recording
Field recordings are the basis of my projects. Sometimes this field I register is in the streets or in a coral reef, but others is in the internet or in the mind of the people I talk with. Soundscapes are like icebergs. We perceive only a fragment. When we translate a field recording into another frequency or we mix it with other sounds, we may discover many things about the way we codify our world.