Onurcan Cakir
İzmir — Turkey
Before moving to Izmir in 2012, he was living and working as an architect and architectural acoustics consultant in Istanbul. He has founded "Muziksiz Mekanlar (Places Without Music)" which is an organization for documenting shops and dining places serving without background music in Turkey. The organization supports natural soundscapes especially in public/semi-public spaces and is against using background music everywhere because every single person in a community has a different music taste and forcing people to listen to the songs which they dislike is not acceptable. ( For more information, visit ) Now he is working at the university about soundscapes in cities and user attitudes towards public spaces without background music.
Description of work with field recording
The recording contains street sounds from Istanbul. Since 2009, Onurcan Cakir is no longer recording Musique Concrete pieces, but still analyzes soundscapes in public spaces in terms of architectural acoustics, user comfort and sound quality.
Listen to mp3_onurcan_cakir__muslukcu_frog-04