Oppetit David
Marseille — France
I'm a sound artist based in Marseille. I'm using sound, performance, radio, edition and field recording to create my own universe. My work is drifting between dream and absurd. I imagine a work of art acting on the body and the spirit of the audience. The implication of divert purposes, permit me to show absurdity of situations and environments . I've been invited for concerts, sound performances, exibitions and artist residencies in northern, south, eastern Europe, China, Brasil for events such as : RIAM, Nuits d'Hivers, Printemps de l'Art Contemporain, FID, I'm interested in working on sonor material and its perception; Questioning about psycho-acoustic phenomenons, noises and unreal- My past experiences, my movings and driftings, show how I'm involved to share and discover a living part of freedom.
Description of work with field recording
I'm creating poetry with fragment of construction, imaginary soundscapes, with socials, environmentals and architecturals parts of reality -
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