pallandre jean-léon
Albi — France
Sound artist. Involved in many projects concerning phonography and contemporary music. Like photography, phonography is an artistic practice. After recording sounds from different locations or in selected situations, Jean-Léon Pallandre composes in studio and records works which are the expression of his personal aesthetic. These "phonographies" which lend themselves to be quietly enjoyed at home, may also be played, projected, mixed and installed in various configurations as performance art and in concerts. Pallandre studied electro-acoustic composition and musical education practices in Music School and University. Now a composer and teaching specialist, Pallandre also makes a practice of improvisation with diverse electro-acoustical devices: he participates in a number of collaborations for concerts and festivals. Pallandre also creates soundscapes for theatre and dance projects.
Description of work with field recording
A lot of CDs : sound art postal cards. Concerts mixing live playing with objects and soundscapes. Photo-phonographic exhibitions. Artistic residencies where are imagined a lot of situations where people discover how to listen the everyday soundscape. Jean Pallandre uses microphones and loudspeakers really as musical instruments. He calls his work "phonography", and what he proposes is like a travel through sound matter. Mixing phonographies of his own (fieldrecording, wind, water, voices, crickets, roads, townscapes…etc) and also using directly voice or objects, he improvises for each concert a unique and specific sonic dream.
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