Pauwel De Buck
Gent — Belgium
Pauwel De Buck is a soundartist living and working in Ghent, Belgium. His soundworks have been presented in installations as well as in performances. He utilizes location recordings of the urban environment to combine them with analogue electronic sounds. The end result is as much time based as it is sculptural and spatial. The work traverse between concrete sound environments and abstract sonic spaces. Pauwel De Buck participated in residencies, performed his work in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and the USA. Made installations, soundtracks for various purposes. His sound works are released at the London Based Entr'acte label.
Description of work with field recording
My fascination for sounds and the use of field recording arose during my studies at the academy of fine arts. This situation was, and still is, very important for my approach to this medium. My ideas, working methods and presentations very closely relate to installation and performance art.   Sound as a plastic means in an artistic context is an intuitive choice for me. Active listening allows me to experience my environment in a more clear and better way. In this I see a reflection of how our society moves and changes. It is the artist’s luxury to observe these changes and reflect on them. The action of capturing, of making a recording, is in this respect not merely registration, but actually the starting point of a creative process.   The combination of technology and imagination makes it possible to structure and analyse the vast amount of sounds that surround us, and can then be processed into new surrealist situations. This process is a single yet constant flux of movement, an experience in which different recordings are played over one another, mixed, transformed and recaptured. Little by little new textures and connections are formed, that are placed in a bigger framework. This frame forms the basis for the final result, taking on different shapes.