Pete Stollery
Aberdeen — United Kingdom
Pete Stollery is a composer, teacher and performer based in Aberdeen, in the North East of Scotland. He composes almost exclusively in the electroacoustic medium, particularly music where there exists an interplay between the original "meaning" of sounds and sounds existing purely as sound, divorced from their physical origins. In his music, this is achieved by the juxtaposition of real (familiar) and unreal (unfamiliar) sounds to create surreal landscapes. In recent years he has become interested in how we relate to our sonic environment and has created many works for non-performance contexts.
Description of work with field recording
Field recordings play a central role in my music whether it is for concert hall or installation. I have become fascinated with sound mapping in recent years and am currently working on the notion of sonic archaeology, where different sounds recorded over time in the same place can be juxtaposed.
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