Richard Lerman
Phoenix — United States
I have been field recording for many years now, mostly using my self-built microphones (piezo) along with others. Since 2014, I have gathered a lot of audio and video from Arctic regions: Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden. Other work has been gathered in and around Krems, Austria. I have been recording border fences along the US/Mexico Border since 1997. Other work has been recorded at sites of human rights violations including Japanese-American internment camps, sites where the Aleut (Unangan) people were interned during WW2 in SE Alaska, and at Auschwitz and Dachau. My piece, Travelon Gamelon (1978) for amplified bicycles has been performed widely and I mention this because in designing the transducers to amplify the bicycles was the beginning of my journey to gather sound. I am taking the liberty of attaching a long link below. in January, both Apple and Roku TV now have \"Sonic Journeys: A Sound Art Channel\" available for subscribers. Maybe this year, I will get to update my website......
Description of work with field recording
Recordings from ten sites: 1. Murres, Cape Ptichy Bazar, Wrangel Island, Russia 8/14 2. Moth, Grass, Wind above Lake Kilpisjärvi, plants and transducers 10/14 3. Lake Kilpisjärvi, two carbon fiber rods in the snow and wind, 3/15 4. Ice Wall Melting, South of Skibotn, Norway, carbon fiber rod, 4/15 5. The Muonio and Etuväylä Rivers, at the border of Finland and Sweden, hydrophone and carbon fiber rod, 5/15 6. Lake Kilpisjärvi, hydrophone & carbon fiber rod, 6/15 7. A Lemming, Sweden to Finland, hydrophone & carbon fiber rods, 5/15 8. Two Skiers, w/ carbon fiber rods, Lake Kilpisjärvi, 3/15 9. Antero’s Pond, at the Border with Finland and Norway, rods and hydrophone 6/15 10. Lake Komosol, Wrangel Island: hunter’s lodge, walrus skeleton, baidarka & carbon fiber rod, Russia, 8/14
Listen to Arctic Transitions--in the Age of Carbon