Robin Parmar
Limerick — Ireland
Robin Parmar is an intermedia artist whose practice incorporates electroacoustic composition, sound installation, improvisation, radiophonics, sonic ecology, experimental writing, and photography. Works have appeared in Ireland, England, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Canada, and elsewhere. Early exposure to MIDI (on the Amiga), digital synthesis (Synclavier), sampling, and digital recording (12-bit Sony PCM system) laid the groundwork for several self-published CDs. Spoken word, found texts, and poetry informed these technological pursuits, in parallel with production experiments and grant-funded research. Over 400 episodes of the cross-disciplinary FM radio programme Missing 15 Minutes resulted in representation at the AMARC 4 International Festival of Radio Art in Dublin and inclusion on the compilation Radio Art International. After attaining a Masters in Music Technology (first class honours) the site-specific installation "The Lights In Room 7" was commissioned for the international ev+a exhibition (2010). Invitations to the showcase concert "Just Listen" (Limerick, 2011), "Sonic Vigil" (Cork, 2011), and other events have followed. Compositions have been played on national radio and made available on two compilations, "Just Listening - Ireland Calling" and "Out of Silence". Soundfjord Gallery (UK) has provided representation for diffusions in Montréal, London, and Sweden. Recent awards include an Arts Council Project Grant (2007), a Daghdha Dance Company Bursary (2007), and being short-listed for the Grand Canal in Offaly Project (2011). The CD "Avoidance Strategies" and the experimental prose book "Tragedy of The Sun And Stars" are both available on independent imprint Stolen Mirror.
Description of work with field recording
My sonic practice incorporates electroacoustic composition, non-ideomatic improvisation, and the creation of sound installations. Material is drawn from field recordings made as part of my daily life in Ireland. I investigate sources both biotic and abiotic, natural and artificial, in order to emphasise our embedded situation in a network of connections and flows. By reconsidering normative definitions of nature, music, the soundscape, and so on, life in our sonic milieu is enhanced.
Listen to Robin Parmar_Perturbation [excerpt]