Rosa van Goudoever
Amsterdam — Netherlands
Rosa van Goudoever is a visual-artist. She holds a degree in Fine Art (BA Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam) and Public Art and new Artistic Strategies (MA Bauhaus Universität Weimar). She makes sound walks from a need to give alternative information about a place. What is perceived as important isn’t always meaningful and vice versa. In her work she exposes the various meanings that people attach to their environment, and how these meanings originate in our perception. Rosa lives and works in Amsterdam (NL).
Description of work with field recording
My work deals with the notion of perception; the subjectivity of our perception and the way we value our perception. In my sound walks I use voice and binaurally recorded ambient sounds, played on the spot where they were recorded. The sound walk appeals directly to the perception of the space. The amplified ambient sound reinforces the character of that particular space. Also, the sound marks a place in time. Boys walking by in the past are perceived as to pass by in this very moment. In this way the past and present grind against each other. Different perceptions can coexist without conflict within my sound walks.
Listen to facade_fragment_2