rudy deceliere
Genève — Switzerland
rudy deceliere (*1979,Tassin-la-demi-lune, France) is a sound artist exploring notions of space and dimension. It manly consists of in/outdoor sound installations strongly linked with their architectural or urban context. Space in terms of visual and sonic presence is his central interest, all connected with a very sensitive art of process.
Description of work with field recording
Tout ce qui est loin (All that is far) Early 2012, I've been in Bytom - Poland for a residency at Kronika Gallery. In the past years, Upper Silesia used to be a highly dense industrial place where people came from all over Europe for working in mines and other hundreds of factories. Seeing all these chimneys around growing from the horizon, I had the strong wish to hear how it sound from up-there, at 50m to 140m (even 200m) above the ground. What would remain ? As no one officially accepted us to climb chimneys of still active factories, we went all around, looking for abandoned or easily accessible (snaking security) places. Most of the recordings are at night or early morning, not to be caught by security / police. It ends up with 11 recordings. Nothing spectacular happens, except the very slow variation elements, as everything remains far in the landscape. All transforming slowly in a very wide sound space. Noise of different shapes and colors.
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