Stefan Thut
Biel — Switzerland
Stefan Thut is a composer and cellist working and living in Solothurn (CH). He is devoted to the performance and the writing of scores in the wide area of experimental music. His compositional strategies involve open systems being relativly determined and unpredictable in their results. Besides works for instruments he wrote several text scores that serve as a template regarding temporal and constructive elements in field recording and sound art. Renderings of the scores 'aussen raum', 'an ort, 1-9' and 'am wind' have appeared on edition wandelweiser records, engraved glass and windsmeasurerecordings.
Description of work with field recording
‚an ort, 1-9’ refers to the activity of recording sounds outdoors. The repetitive action of recording at one place reflects sections out of infinite appearances of a place. The score suggests a practice performed over the course of a year while the geographic location remains unchanged for the duration of the procedure. From several sound recordings nine segments are to be stringed together accomplishing the piece in its full length. Aside from works designed for phonographic practice the series ‚imprints’ applies field recording in a transferred sense converting selected aural and visual impressions into words. The perception of the auditory and visionary field and the making of mental notes about the encountered situation is a point of departure for finding appropriate words involving various grades of abstraction. The collocation of the words on paper or on other displays invite for further enactments by readers, performers, interpreters. In the example below inherent sonic patterns of a volume connected to the sphere are made audible. This also shows my interest in recorded data as a found object without being digitally postprocessed.
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