Stelios Giannoulakis
Athens — Greece
B. 1971. Studies include Electronic and Biomedical Engineering (Athens, Greece), guitar, MA in Digital Music Technology (Keele, UK), PhD in Electroacoustic Composition (Bangor, UK). Composition, sonic art, sound design, recording, live electronics, multi-instrumental improvisation, circuit bending, sound engineering and studio production, cross-genre experiments, music for theatre and dance, media art, stylistic studies and interdisciplinary practical research. International performances, awards and commissions. Since 1987 collaborating with individuals, groups and institutions in music and art. Teaching and writing about music and technology in Athens. A founding member of ESSIM-HELMCA.
Description of work with field recording
I am using field recordings a lot in my work, in various ways - from lengthy unprocesed passages to overcooked isolated samples and everything in between. I am posting here Athens Soundwalks - Big Village Dynamics 15:00 (2010). I recorded a series of routes in the centre of Athens during November and December 2009. Starting off from my house I walk in the streets, use the metro and end up wandering through the pedestrian zones at Thisio and Monastiraki, among people going for a walk and a coffee, hubbub and surreal music mixes from ambitious shops over dense tables. A weird and neurotic mosaic made of small personal worlds closely interweaved into the swirl of the big city that manages to condense its character within a bustling centre. I condensed recordings of many hours into this piece using montage techniques, with no other processing, in an effort to reflect the sonic and musical richness of this highly charged polymorphic material, which for me traces an important part of the social life of the city as a big village.
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