Stephen Schwartz
Copenhagen — Denmark
Born 1940, Detroit, USA, immigrated to Denmark, 1961. Trained by the old master of Feature radio, Willy Reunert, hired by Denmark´s Radio to produce features and develop radiophonic expression, 1967. 2 time winner of Prix Italia, 1982 & 1992 Teacher of features - audio production - field recording. Canada, Norway, Finland, EBU, UNESCO. Retired from DR, 2001. Now: own firm, SoundTales. Developer of SoundQuiz, Sound artist, most recent work: sound installations at Kronborg Castle
Description of work with field recording
Since 1970 I have been teaching people of all ages to record in the field, from idea phaze to final mix. We developed the "Tape workshop" at Denmark´s Radio where nonprofessionals could produce their own stories for radio, with professionel equipment and coaching. Now I am writing an "audio guide" e-book, blog, where the audio didactic methods we have developed over the past 40 years become accessable to all, with exampels. Working with Freesound.
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