SoE presents: Earzoom Festival (SI)
30/09/2011, Ljubljana - IRZU
Friday September 30th - Monday October 4th, 2011

This year’s, third edition of the sonic arts festival EarZoom – which is primarily aimed at creating referential international platform for discussion the latest developments within audio technology research and artistic trends within sonic practices – is trying to introduce a wider context for questioning the expressive potential of sound, through confrontation of different contemporary art production practices. Through presentation of a particular segment of contemporary artistic representation models, operating at the levels of audible and visible, the project “Sounds of Europe” aims to create a critical relation towards a normalized fetishisation of sound, serving not only as a media for recording and processing ‘sound-scapes’ or, in general, multiplying aesthetic diversity, but also in the context of sound and voice as self-evident realities. The purpose of “Sounds of Europe” is to confront different approaches and starting points of artistic production, engaged with the notions of sound, voice, (in)visible, (un) audible, and to enable the re-articulation of (European) power structures, that confer or withdraw legitimacy to selected voices. Sounds of Europe re-examines the commonly accepted understanding of the concept of sound/voice and further, offers a re-consideration of questions, that affect different mechanisms of dominant representations in the fields of the audible and visible.