Soundtrackcity presents: Soundtrackcity Rotterdam
26/01/2012, Rotterdam - Soundtrackcity
In cooperation with the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) Soundtrackcity presents Soundtrackcity Rotterdam, four soundwalks at the Wilhelminapier in Rotterdam.

Soundtrackcity Rotterdam will start with a daily program soundwalks from LantarenVenster at the Wilhelminapier in Rotterdam, a project with students of the Willem de Kooning Academy (WdKA) and the seminar The City as Sound in LantarenVenster.

Hit the street With Soundtrackcity Rotterdam you hit the street, instead of sitting in the cinema, to become both operator and spectator of your own film. A film that doesn’t consist of celluloid images or bits and bytes, but of real-time images of reality that are transformed profoundly by the special soundtrack you listen to while walking. The soundwalks of Soundtrackcity Rotterdam will change your perception of reality in four different cinematic experiences.

LantarenVenster The four soundwalks on the Wilhelminapier in Rotterdam start at LantarenVenster. Participants walk in about 45 minutes along a specified route while listening through headphones to locative soundtracks, written for the occasion. The soundtracks stimulate the imagination and transform the city in a cinematic experience.

The makers The participating sound artists are Francisco López (Spain), Jeroen Stout & Jan-Bas Bollen (Netherlands),Katarina Zdjelar (Servia) & Maziar Afrassiabi (Iran) and Lee Patterson (UK).

Support Soundtrackcity Rotterdam is supported by contributions from the Mondriaan Fund and the Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst in Rotterdam.