VFPM presents: The global composition
Conference on Sound, Media and the Environment

Sound is ubiquitous and permanent and embraces us as an envelope. The experience of the auditory can be considered an environmental experience par excellence. The term and concept of soundscape reflects this idea. It implies that sounds do not exist in isolation; they have to be understood as being embedded in and interacting with other sounds and perceptions coining the perceptive abilities of individuals and societies and their social relations: soundscape is a system in which all elements are interdependent.
The World Soundscape Conference held in Darmstadt will bring together sound makers, listeners, scholars and all those, interested and affected by the Global Composition to discuss which concepts exist to “orchestrate” everyday life’s cacophony.

Confirmed keynote speakers: R. Murray Schafer Hildegard Westerkamp Helmi Järviluoma Bill Fontana

Come, listen, talk, enjoy. Hochschule Darmstadt, Media Campus Dieburg

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