Audio Research Centre (ARC)
Limerick — Ireland
Mission statement

The Audio Research Centre of Mary Immaculate College has recently been established to expand the institution’s renowned scholarship in the field of radio and broadcasting to embrace growing interests in related academic fields.

The Centre will serve as a platform and resource for academics, post-graduate students and associates who are involved in research into the following fields:

Radio (terrestrial) at community, local, national and international levels; radio audiences; the listening process; radio and identity; radio documentary; radio drama; talk radio; public participation in talk radio; radio and the public sphere; radio and citizen journalism.
Streamed, digital and internet radio broadcasting.
Music of Film and Television; Film Sound- analysis and design; Soundscape – natural, urban and experimental.
Noise – aesthetics and politics.
Acoustic Ecology, Soundscapes architecture and design.
Developments in musical consumption, production and mediation; Interactive audio media; Recording, oral history and musical archives.
Sound, Music, Gaming and other cross-platform applications.
Popular Music, it’s production, mediation and audiences.