Viseu — Portugal
Mission statement

Binaural is a Portuguese non-profit Cultural Organization founded in 2004 with the aim of promoting the exploration and research in sound / visual and new media arts, focusing on the crossing of media and languages and on the articulation between the artistic production and the surrounding context, particularly through its activities in the rural space of Nodar. Binaural holds creation, production, promotion, research and teaching activities with the objective of establishing itself as a platform for experimentation and sharing of theoretical thought in the fields of technology, media and artistic praxis. Underlying to the activities of the Binaural is the concern with establishing connections between the sound / visual arts and the social environment, by supporting projects and performative events directed to diversified audiences (familiarized or not with the experimental arts) and that deal with its capacity for generating meanings and building identity and memory Binaural’s main objectives are:

  • To promote a growing public conscience of the experimental sound and visual arts through the promotion of projects that deal with artistic research and creation using new technologies.
  • To establish a discourse and a reflection focus, not only on the creation of artistic products, but also and fundamentally on the circulation and transmission of collaborative actions that are capable of promoting social interaction and collective intelligence, using Internet and the new available communication technologies (wireless, GPS, net radio, etc.).
  • To promote a pedagogical approach through projects directed to organizations (such as schools) interested in learning about the nature and history of new media arts and on the organization of decentralized events directed to diversified audiences (familiarized or not with the new media arts)
  • To promote interactions with similar organizations and entities, Portuguese and foreign, namely European, on the domains of production and organization of events, theorical production and publishing of audio and video materials.
  • To facilitate the production of works from both consecrated and emergent artists dealing with different media, through the supply of a logistic and instrumental platform.
  • To establish deep connections between the experimental arts and the social environment, supporting projects and performance events, namely site-specific ones, that are able to generate new meanings, and help the audiences to reflect on space, identity and memory.