Ear to the Earth
New York City — United States
Mission statement

We’re about the environment. We’ve heard from the scientists and we’ve followed the news. We know that there are economic, social, and political complexities in mitigating the effects of climate change and learning how to live with them. But we also know that before we can deal with these complexities, we must want to deal with them. We view environmental art, in sound and image, as vibrant and engaging communication. Sound communicates the way we feel about something. Image makes the ‘something’ specific.

Environmental sound art and image gives us a powerful way of connecting with the environment. As we better understand the world, we will better understand the state of the world. And our understanding of the state of the world will affect our personal actions, our political actions, and our communications with others.

We’re creating a worldwide network of environmental artists and their friends, which includes everyone who is interested in the environment. The Ear to the Earth website, as a platform for sounds, images, and ideas, is its hub.

As a spinoff from the network, we produce an annual Ear to the Earth Festival every October in New York. We encourage other organizations and individuals around the world to produce events.

We produce workshops in field recording and other skills relevant to environmental sound art; encourage and support research relating to our natural and urban environments; and engage in other activities that foster creativity, community, communication, and environmental awareness.