Favourite sounds of Prague
Praha — Czech Republic
Mission statement

The Favorite Prague Sounds is an open, collaborative, online community dedicated to fieldrecording, urbanism, phonography and psychogeography of Prague. On this site, you can listen (preferably with headphones) to various sonic locations, recorded by different people in and around Prague. You can as well search in the database for specific categories of sounds, sorted by different contributers, or listen what people think about their sonic environment and locate the places on the berlin – global soundmap project .

You don’t have to be an artist, a sound specialist, or phonographer, to contribute your recordings for others to enjoy. The Creative Commons Attribution license CC-BY-NC encourages the sharing and reuse of all sounds on this website if the original author will be mentioned.

The idea of the project appeared several years ago in Favourite London Sounds and since then people continue to collect and discuss the urban soundscapes in different towns around the world. The site is in Czech and English language to make easier the mutual understanding between different languages and communities.