Brussels — Belgium
Mission statement

OKNO is an artist run organisation for art and media technology. The working of OKNO hinges on two driving principles that are interconnected: collaboration and ecology. We use our collective garden OpenGreen, our workspace and our server as catalysts for creating art works. We are having a continuous program with media art events, exhibitions, expert and social meetings, workshops and performances. Check our calendar on the main page of the site.

We collaborate with several local and international organizations, with similar goals. A system of exchange and cooperation has been maintained, esp. with Central Europe. Over the years, we started to work more on longer-term projects, involving very diverse artists and experts, of all levels of experience, but with a common interest in the experimental and environmental. For that reason we started up a larger project “Time Inventors’ Kabinet”, concentrating on the notion of Time in our present culture.

You can listen here to a soundfile of bees playing with a piezo in the OpenGreen garden: bees_piezo