Praha — Czech Republic
Mission statement

Communication Space Školská 28 is a multifunctional space for various nonprofit cultural and artistic activities. It is located in the courtyard of the neo-renaissance residential building “U rytířů”, which was built in 1888. The space occupied by Školská 28 consists of an attached building that was constructed later, in 1939, which served as a workshop for galvanizing metal. During 1998-99, this parcel was renovated to its current form by the Linhart Foundation, and was opened to the public in January, 1999. The programming conception of the space arises from the specific characteristics of the location, where it is situated. The space offers the community a variety of public activities connected to social life in the center of Prague. These activities take the form of a wide spectrum of initiatives, projects, and activities, and they also contribute to a revitalization of facilities for the improvement of the local civic conditions of inter generational communication, while working together with other non-commercial initiatives. The exhibition program is dedicated to the presentation of contemporary culture, presenting one of the small spaces on the cultural map of Prague, where one can meet and freely confront young artists from the Czech Republic and abroad, without consideration of the commercial aspect of contemporary gallery workings. Communication Space Školská 28 was managing since 2005 the international project of artists residencies Open Studios Prague originally in Dolní Počernice, later in Prague, which offers living and working space to projects, that require long-term preparation and use of studio space. Until 2005, the space was managed by the Linhart Foundation, later the Linhart Society, o.p.s. In 2006, stewardship was transferred to the civic association DEAI/setkání, which continues the mission of the Linhart Foundation. The project is supported by a grant from the Prague Municipal. The exhibition and parallel programs is realized since 2005 with the kind financial support from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.