Aimilia Karapostoli
Thessaloníki — Greece
Aimilia Karapostoli received her diploma (5 years) in architecture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2006. She received her postgraduate diploma (2 years) in museum studies, department of architecture, A.U.TH. in 2008 and she is currently pursuing her PhD with focus on sound and architectural synthesis. She is also a professional flute player (diploma in flute) since 2004. Currently she works as a free lancer architect and takes part in architectural, music and art competitions and exhibitions. She works also as a part time musician in small bands and music projects. She speaks english, italian and french.
Description of work with field recording
Artistic works: 1) Participation with diF (Konrad Bayer/Ish Shehrawat) with Panayotis Dimotikalis and Anni Kaltsidou in SOUNDCITY II: Thessaloniki, Kodra 2011 with "Resonance Chamber (2011)". An audio installation based on sounds of the city of Thessaloniki and fluorescent lights. 2) Participation in XV Biennale de la Mediterranee in Applied Arts - Main Program with an audiovisual installation named "Creating Ghost space. 3 urban sonic experiments in Thessaloniki." having to do with field recordings of the city and the sonic environment. 3) Participation in "Listen to the Earth 2012" with field recordings of the city, in order to find nature in the sonic environment. 4) Participation in an exhibition called "Break the wall" for photobiennale in Greece 2012, with a sound installation that included field recordings of the city, soundscapes regarding political events and demonstrations, etc. 5) Participation in world listening day 2012 with two field recordings in Thessaloniki made during a soundwalk. 6) Participation in a number of other expeditions with field recordings and sound installations. Scientific contribution: 1) Participation in The Global Composition 2012 Conference on Sound, Media and the Environment in Darmstadt, Germany (25-28/07/2012) with an article called "A quasi-experimental research on soundscape design and museum architectural space”. 2) Participation in 6th National Conference ACOUSTICS 2012 in Corfu, Greece (8-10/10/2012) with an article called " Functional framework for an in site experimental soundmuseum". 3) Participation in the symposium Music and ecologies of sound. Theoretical and practical projects for a listening of the world, University Paris 8, May 2013, with an article called "Relations between sonic environment and architectural space regarding architectural and musical composition". 4) Participation in the EcHoPolis conference, Panteion University Athens, October 2013 with a paper called "Re-experience the City of Thessaloniki, through Soundscapes". 5) Participation in the Symposium in Acoustic Ecology, university of Kent, November 2013 with a paper called "WHAT DO WE EXPECT CERTAIN PLACES TO SOUND LIKE? AN INTERPRETIVE – HISTORICAL RESEARCH OF THESSALONIKI DURING THE LAST CENTURY, THROUGH THE “EARS” OF FIVE DISTINGUISHED AUTHORS".
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