Alberto Lopes
Lisbon — Portugal
Lisbon, 1953. Studied architecture music and cinema; his artistic and professional activity is theatre, music and multimedia projects design and direction – developing the expressive use of technology and its awareness in stage design and composition. He is a play writer and composes music for different kind of scenic contexts. Recent works include «MetaMorphis», adapted from Kafka’s Metamorphosis (premiered at Temps’ d’Images festival, Lisbon 2005), Wedekind’s «Lulu», «Wrong Target» (#4, #3), «O Dia do Desassossego», (co-directed with João Garcia Miguel), «Acqua Matrix», (the daily multimedia show of EXPO´98 Lisbon) or Howard Barker’s «Scenes From an Execution», (directed in collaboration with São José Lapa, for the National Theatre).
Description of work with field recording
i\'m interested in rural sound and manual works and small factories and old machinery