Annette Krebs
Berlin — Germany
Annette Krebs lives and works in Berlin as a freelanced musician and composer. She is currently working in compositions for several loud speakers, for several loudspeakers and performers and in improvisation. In addition, she has multimedia collaborations with video artists. She is exploring the aesthetics and tension between tone and noise, action and silence, and the possibilitys of a dramaturgic free and abstract music. She has been researching the mixing of tones, noises, fieldrecordings and spoken language as musical materials. In her music, fragments of language are integrated as musical materials with tonal and rhythmic abstract instrumental sounds, noises and silence. She collaborated with many musicians and artists, and participated in concerts and festivals in- and outside of Europe. She released er music on several labels, a.o.:Erstwhile Records, Olof Bright, Another Timbre,Charhizma,Fringes,Soseditions, Grob,CDR-X,A bruit secret, Presqu’île records, Potlatch, Absinth records,Improvised music from Japan.
Description of work with field recording
Field recording of the anti-Wall Street-demonstration in front of the Reichstag in Berlin. Musicians and spontaneous guests (a.o. Sabine Erklenz- tp, Chris Heenan- alto sax, mike majkowski- pitch pipes , Andrea Neumann- tp, Koen Nutters- bowed crotales, Morten Olsen- git), invited via word-of-mouth and Facebook by Johnny Chang and Morton Olsen, playing #occupy 'in a large open space' by James Tenney.
Listen to #occupy 'in a large open space' by James Tenney