David Rogers
Weymouth — United Kingdom
As a digital media artist my practice includes installation, combining 3D construction, performance and screen based work, single screen, projections, multiple screen works and audio, ranging from soundscapes to compositional sound. Work exhibited in both gallery and non gallery situations includes: ‘Quadrille’ 2000 (a Year of the Artist commission, East Cliff Funicular Railway - Hastings), ‘Soldier’s Verse 1’ 2008 (B-Side Festival, Nothe Fort - Weymouth) and ‘countertext08, 09, 10 and 11' (various retail venues in Bridport, including a large scale projection onto façades of buildings).
Description of work with field recording
Finding myself in an engaging environment, or where a particular phenomenon – some aspect of the environment - provokes interest, I record both sound and video, or perhaps sound alone. Themes of time and place constitute a recurrent motif – for example, recordings made at the same place, same time or at the same place, but different time. Phased recordings and playback, using the same structure but different geographical locations or time uncover issues of unity and estrangement, creating soundscapes of assonance and dissonance. Journeys form another keynote: the juxtaposing of historical issues and present day realities, take the audience on a sonic travelogue via field recording or installation. My improvised compositions discover means of extracting sound - directly via interaction with architectural structures and indirectly through the creative use of site-specific features. Each location creates its individual travelogue and these audio/audio-visual journeys may be viewed as virtual reality, as virtual fantasy – or perhaps both, entirely dependent on individual interpretation(s).
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