Fritz Schlüter
Berlin — Germany
With some background in theatre and movie sound design Fritz Schlüter studied European Ethnology at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. In April 2012 he submitted his master thesis about the soundscape as a field for cultural-anthropological research. Currently Fritz is preparing his PhD on sonic practices in everyday life. He was born in Berlin in 1978.
Description of work with field recording
Fritz participated in several ethnographic projects focusing on sound in everyday urban settings, including extensive sound recording and sound composition - such as "Sensing the Street. Eine Straße in Berlin" (2007) or "Listening. Die Stadt als Klanglandschaft" (Hamburg 2010/11) as well as a contribution of field recordings to "Der Sound des Jahrhunderts" (Berlin 2012). Fritz is experimenting with field recordings and soundscape composition as a medium for ethnographic research and representation.
Listen to Field Recording Berlin Hermannplatz (2012-04-27, 06.22pm)