Hubert Heathertoes
London — United Kingdom
Hubert Heathertoes – interdisciplinary artist revolving around many different media. His work although trying to capture different areas of interest focuses on the experiences of transcendental and spiritual nature according to the motto about ever happening transformation in terms of molecular processes, reincarnation, oneironautical dream experience, vast terrain of absurdity that surrounds us. As a linguist he approaches music and other media with grammatical dexterity of incomprehensive surprises and disastrous dychotomy between autistic alienation and the idiom of overexpresiveness. Since 25th of August he manages Astipalea Records and a number of musical projects Heathertoes – field recorded noise/drone compositions, the horrors of sonorism and snobishness djfeaturing – electroacusmatic tape music and turntablism kitty_kit – ethnic chivalry of improvised bubble gum comic Das Gerste – trippy soviet trip hop Igloodoom -with Bartek Kalinka from – aural domains, sizzling terrains of noise and beyond Lumber – with Chefkirk – butter induced vegan dragon made of noise/improv and bucolic absurdity He writes poetry and prose as well as fairy tales and limerics for children. Works with Roch Forowicz – a video art professor – so far – two soundtracks for short video art movies – Active in the field of sound workshops and analogue photography. His psychogeographical project – Miejsca Poboczne (Outer places) was a national success in 2010. Astipalea Records – Astipalea
Description of work with field recording
I work with field recorded sounds since 1996 both in digital and analogue form, processing them into radio art tracks or glitch type of sounds. I both like heavy treated and subtle processed work. My goal is to create the aural soundscapes which I can use for diverse contexts using them both in live shows and as soundtracks to video art projects and projects connected with biology and literature.