John Grzinich
Tartu — Estonia
I have been conducting my own forms of sound experimentation and research for over 15 years, that includes field recording, kinetic sculptures, electro-acoustic composition, performances, group workshops and exercises in listening. Currently I live in Estonia and work as a program and technical coordinator for MoKS, a non-profit artist-run center. I have published CDs of my compositions on international labels such as: SIRR, Staalplaat, Mystery Sea, Erewhon, Intransitive, Cut, Elevator Bath, CMR, Orogenetics, Pale Disc and others.
Description of work with field recording
My range of interest and experience with field recording is as extensive as it is diverse. I enjoy capturing rich natural sound environments as much as creating my own kinetic sound installations that are affected by the elements. For me, 'the field' is a space of continual discovery and research in both the literal and artistic sense. Recordings may be documents in and as themselves as well as raw material for creative productions. Over the years I have build up an archive of sounds mainly from the area around where I live in Southeast Estonia and from my travels across Europe.
Listen to Drips_in_the_ruins-Estonia