Kim Laugs
Berlin — Germany
Born in Belgium, moving to the Netherlands later to study Art in Maastricht and Artscience in the Hague. In-between organizing numerous events and concerts with a focus on experimental music like Audioscoop, Oddpop, Tik-Tak, etc.. Then moved to Berlin in 2007, where i co-founded Raum18 and later Raum20, a space for art and music. Beside this i work as sound-artist on mostly audio-visual installations(e.g. with Feedbacksociety). My latest project is \\\'GlobalScape\\\', where 8 different real-time audio streams with soundscapes from different main time zone cities are mixable via an virtual 3d interface on Still under construction..
Description of work with field recording
I use the fieldrecordings i make mostly as basic material for (micro-)sampling, overlapping different kind of acoustics/ space, to create a more synthetic kind of noise. Joining various workshops with field-recordists like Hildegard Westerkamp, Chris Watson, Brandon Labelle, Francisco Lopez,.. where i got inspired by the difference in approaches of recording and interpreting sound, and their way of handling it finally.
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