Laszlo Umbreit
Brussels — Belgium
Born in Brussels in 1986. His interest in electronic musics and different sound experiments lead him to study sound in INSAS (cinema school in Brussels). He is working as a sound engineer, sound editor and soud designer for fdocumentary films and video artists. When not working for other people's projects, he is composing sound pieces based on the material recorded all over the world, mainly during shootings.
Description of work with field recording
I'm composing sound pieces based on recorded sounds in the field. Most of them are hybrid : hat they include some soundscapes but often, if not always, in a tension with very distorded modified sounds that are so processed that their original nature is unrecognizable. It is often a long process of sculpting sounds until they become totaly something else. They then end up interacting with their original sound recording version.
Listen to Birobidjan_faconnage_150609am