Lee Patterson
Manchester — United Kingdom
Primarily concerned with the sound of things, Lee Patterson attempts to understand elements of his surroundings and culture through acts of listening with both the aided and the naked ear. The related use of sound recording as a method to educate perception has led to a variety of projects scattered across various disciplines including environmental sound recording, improvised music, film soundtrack and installation. New works have been commissioned by 41st International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012, 25th MIMI Festival, Marseille and AV10, Newcastle. His collaboration with artist film maker Luke Fowler, A Grammar for Listening Pt1 featured in The British Art Show 2010: In The Days Of The Comet. Between 2009 and 2011, he completed a residency at Stour Valley Arts, Kent with the works, Elemental Fields (July 2010), and Fold, (September 2011). His solo and collaborative works have featured in various exhibitions and festivals, as well as on UK TV, BBC Radios 3 and 4, Resonance FM and on radio stations worldwide.
Description of work with field recording
Patterson's fieldwork explores the range of the field, from the macro to the micro sonic, specialising in exposing the unheard, hidden sounds that can be found in a variety of media within the environment, ranging from solid materials to the aqueous. He considers sound to be the result of energy transformation, whereby the presence of transducing elements allow a change of energetic state according to various environmental processes. An awareness of such phenomena can create a transformation within the listener themselves, leading to a shifting, flexible understanding of the processes at play within the world.
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